Monday, May 25, 2015

Bringing Home the Girls

Today was it!
The day we brought home our girls!

And our first step to homesteading animals.
Can I say how excited I am?
These 7 ladies came from my sister's brother-in-law. (Originally, there was going to be 8, but one flew the coop. So... she is either coyote food... or if she comes back, she will shack back up with her friends.) They recently closed on a new house, and unfortunately for them, had to re-home their hens.
But fortunate for us!
So we decided to take these ladies and give them a new and loving home. And boy am I glad we did!
My husband brought the girls home late and night closed in quick. But we were able to make them cozy and comfortable with our presence before they hunkered down for the night.
Nimue, our daughter, was so happy to see the girls. I have been talking to her about it for a while, and all day today. To be honest, I was a little worried about her reaction. But she ran right up and was very happy to welcome them to the family.
After I put down the pine shavings and filled the nesting buckets, the hubby set up the water and feed, and filled their treat dish with strawberries, we introduced ourselves.
While we are still working on our chicken/rabbit house, the ladies will be bunking in our greenhouse. It works, right?
This little girl is a natural! The hens seemed to not mind one bit of her tooling around, chatting with them, bring them their treats. We had such fun watching their different personalities.
I really am looking forward to learning more about each and every one of the hens. And also watching Nim learn and grow, take care of them, and play with them.
Just call me Sonny, chicken wrangler.
Today was a good day.

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