Saturday, May 23, 2015

Welcome to Wildwood Acre

Hello! And welcome to Wildwood Acre. Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Sonny. I guess that I would identify myself as a wife, a mother to a wonderful little girl, and.... Well, I'm still working on the rest. You see, it took me until recent years to ask myself "Who am I? How do I want my life to feel? What is it that I need to be the person that is in this body, the one that is in my soul?" That's what this journey is for, I suppose. I have always been called a hippy, eccentric, unique. But, what does that mean to me as a person? I am finally beginning to answer these questions! With the help and love of my husband, Cohl, and the will of my daughter, I am now in the middle of finding who I truly am in this world. And it is feeling great. All the mush and gush aside, Wildwood Acre is a blog for sharing our life and journey through our new home, the choice of beginning a homestead, and living just a little bit closer to the earth. This is our journey, our way.

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