Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Homemade Baby Wipes

Once upon a time, I used homemade spray with baby washcloths for our baby wipes. And it worked great! Every diaper change, we would spray the washcloth and wipe Nim's little booty. But, convenience got the best of me, and we began using more and more store-bought wipes. And that can get pricey. Especially with a little girl with very sensitive skin. We could only use Pampers Sensitive wipes. 

Fast forward to today.

We use wipes daily, Duh.

But, we also use them a lot while out and about. Toddlers are messy.

And I came to a breaking point.

Although $2-$5 a week on wipes doesn't sound expensive to many, it is for me. That can add up to $20 a month! Sometimes more! And for a stay-at-home mommy on a strict budget and natural living on the brain, I had to turn back.

So, of course I took to Pinterest to seek out a simple, natural version of wipes for my girl's tushy. And I found this recipe at The Winey Mom. I just tweaked a couple of the ingredients to fit our likes.

At first, I stuck to the recipe and used the 2 tbsp baby soap. Bad idea! Since we use Castile Soap, it goes a lot further. Well, we ended up with very slimy, soapy wipes the first time. It was good to know it was doing it's job, but bad for the sudsy mess. So, I paired down to 1 tbsp which seemed to do the trick. And fit better to my wallet. We also used coconut oil for the benefits of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it's ability to sooth the skin, and more. The smell is also a perk. You could also add some essential oils to the mix, like lavender. But, I chose not to with her sensitive skin issues. 

You will need:

  • liquid measuring cup
  • tablespoon
  • spoon for mixing- I used a butter knife
  • thick paper towel- one roll will give you two containers of wipes
  • wipes container or container to hold the wipes
  • small bowl to heat the coconut oil
Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe

  • 2 1/2 cups water,-distilled, or boiled- I just used regular well water
  • 2 tbsp organic coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp baby castile soap
  • roll of thick paper towel cut in half-we used Viva- save the other half for the next container
  • wipes container- or another container with a cover
Measure out your water.

Measure and melt the coconut oil to a liquid in a small bowl. I used my microwave (sassy mommy). But you could use a double-boiler as well. 

Add the oil to the water.

Measure and add your soap to the water oil mixture. 

Mix well.

Put your paper towel half into the wipes container with the cardboard still in. It will be easier to take it out when it is saturated. Pour your mixture onto the paper towel slowly. I ended up spilling some of mine. Lol 

Now, close your container. I have to really squish my paper towel down because the container is short. But it works! Turn the container upside down on a towel for a few minutes. This will help all of the mixture saturate the wipes.

After, pull out the paper roll out. 

And enjoy your newly made, natural wipes!

Nim used to have irritated skin on her booty every couple of days or so. But, we haven't had any issues with these wipes so far. And her skins looks and feels very soft and healthy.

I think I'll keep them.

Happy Crafting.

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