Monday, May 25, 2015

Less Than 2 Weeks

Less than 2 weeks.
9 days to be exact.
That will be the day that our dreams are starting to become just that much more real.
9 days, and we will be getting our very first homestead animal. One that is seemingly quintessential to being a homesteader. That lovely, chirpy kind of animal.
I am of course talking about chickens!

Our new ladies should look a little like this
These chickens will the the first step in our animal keeping on Wildwood Acre. Providing our own food. Knowing where it comes from and exactly all the ways that were used to get those precious, little eggs.
Am I excited? Heck yes!
Am I nervous? Heck yes!
It has been years since I have owned chickens and am in real need of a brush up course. But how do I learn best? By doing. Hands on learning for this girl.
A family friend of ours recently bought a house and found that they can't have chickens because of pesky HOA. So, long story short, the ladies are coming to live with us!
Are we ready to bring these gals home? Heck no!
With that being said, we do have a temporary solution to our problems.
For now, the ladies will be bunking in our very underused, yet charming little greenhouse until the chicken/rabbit house is ready. Most of the house will be made out of reclaimed materials: nice wood from pallets, cider blocks that have been chilling by our shed, and plywood from a generous friend. I feel so grateful and blessed to be getting most of our materials for free. I don't know how we would make the house otherwise.
We originally planned on using an existing building on the property to house the hens. But upon further inspection, there was no way in Hades I was going to let my ladies live in that, ahem... dump. It really would have been a great building for storage. And we thought we could fix it up. But there was just no saving the broken windows, the mismatched, sagging floor, and all the mouse loving gaps in the siding.
And now we have a plan.
A plan that is taking much longer than we have until the girls arrive.
But that's ok. Because we have a plan B. And don't worry. Some of the greenhouse windows open. The gals won't be cooked before their time.
So now we work to get this little dream of ours up and running to the next baby step.
We are on our way. 

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